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Press Release: Statue of Peace in Berlin

On September 28 th , 2020 the “girl-statue for peace” – shortened statue of peace – has been installed in a district of Berlin called Moabit. The statue is accessible for general public.

The statue refers to hundred thousands of women that are victims of Japanese militarism in Asia-Pacific region before and during second world war. During this period women were forced into well-organized sex slavery leading to abuse, rape and even death.

We appreciate the fact that the statue is installed in the capital of Germany which was a former ally to Japan during world war II. Germany shows exemplary behavior regarding historical reappraisal of their committed war crimes and is internationally renowned for that. That is the reason why we hope that the statue of peace can be installed in further European cities and that increasing awareness of violence against women will lead to overcome this particular form of violence.

However, current Japanese government represented by chief cabinet secretary states that their government will try anything to remove those statues. There is nothing surprising in the fact that this diplomatic comment is followed by actions committed by Japanese embassy staff in various
countries. There is more than enough evidence for that.

But it seems rather odd, at least in Germany, that a foreign government acts so proactively to inhibit such a project that is carried out through various initiatives locally.

According to the statement of Japanese chief cabinet secretary, Japanese government regrets installation of the statue. Instead of regretting installation, Japanese government should regret their war crimes and take steps to make amends with victims. Japan won’t be able to solve occurring
problems in the presence if Japan doesn’t accept its own committed crimes.


Such steps as historical revisionist intervention will only lead to diplomatic isolation of Japanese government.

There are voices against the history revisionism in Japan. The Japanese government should listen to those voices and change its policy guideline from confrontation into peaceful co-existence.

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